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The Ocala Business Leaders has been bringing local businesses together and connecting customers to trusted-brands for over 20 years. This prestigious network is composed of Marion county's finest products and services, and the Fun-Gi's Exterior Cleaning Service is proud to be a member of the OBL. We've been honored to serve some of our fellow businesses, and they want you to know what they thought of the Fun-Gi's!   

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“If you want to make your home look new again the best thing to do is see Jerry at Fun-Gi's. He does an amazing job of removing mold off the roof which makes the house look brand new again. My parents utilized him about two years ago, and to this day it still looks new. He does it in a way that is safe for the roof, it doesnt damage the roof, and it actually extends the life of the roof by removing the fungus. So, if you want a trusted individual to take care of your roof I recommend Jerry at Fun-Gi's.”                                                                              

                                                                                         -Riad Fakhoury

"Jerry's [from the Fun-Gi's] service was excellent. The work he did was outstanding, really taking something that was old and making it look brand new again. He is a fellow member of the Ocala Business Leaders, and I would highly recommend his company if you are looking to clean your home exterior." 

"Jerry [from Fun-Gi's] came out and he cleaned the exterior of my house floor to ceiling, all of my gutters, aluminum, and pool cage. And, he did it all in one day! It was fantastic. I couldn't have been more pleased. I was getting ready for a big party, and I was going to have to be pressure washing. It would have taken me four days to get done what he did. It was just fantastic!”                              

                                                                                     -April Savarese

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